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Sophie Milman - Make Someone Happy (2007)

Sophie Milman’s debut release reveals a gifted young jazz vocalist who swings with a surprising degree of maturity. Though born in Russia, she has called Canada home for some time and is joined by some of the country’s best jazz musicians. Milman isn’t afraid to take a few chances and seems to be quite comfortable with her own voice rather than copying others, as young performers have a tendency to do.
~~Review by Ken DRYDEN - AMG~~

01. People Will Say We’re In Love (3:08)
02. Something In The Air Between Us (4:12)
03. Rocket Love (4:33)
04. So Long, You Fool (3:04)
05. Matchmaker, Matchmaker (3:16)
06. Like Someone In Love (3:30)
07. Make Someone Happy (4:00)
08. (It’s Not Easy) Bein’ Green (4:41)
09. Reste (Stay) (3:21)
10. Fever (5:13)
11. Undun (3:38)
12. It Might As Well Be Spring (3:36)
13. Eli Eli (A Walk To Ceasarea) (3:23)

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