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Laïka Fatien - Misery - A Tribute To Billie Holiday (2008)

Laika FATIEN: vocal
Robert GLASPER: piano
David EL MALEK: tenor sax (4,5,12)
Daryl HALL: bass
Gregory HUTCHINSON: drums

01. Strange Fruit (5:12)
02. Lady’s Back In Town (4:15)
03. Don’t Explain (3:07)
04. You Can Loose a Broken Heart (3:18)
05. What’s New (2:07)
06. All Of You (3:39)
07. How Deep Is The Ocean (4:39)
08. Lover Come Back To Me (4:39)
09. Misery (4:38)
10. You Turn The Tables On Me (4:54)
11. Gloomy Sunday (5:12)
12. Left Alone (5:21)

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