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Jazz In Paris : Remixed

Tracklist :
1. Miles Davis “Ascenceur pour l’échafaud” remixed by Nicolas Repac
2. Pierre Michelot “Elephant green” remixed par Pierre Audetat, Stade
3. Raymond Fol “Les 4 saisons” remixed by Yvinek
4. Chet Baker “Eveything happens to me” remixed by VV (Gonzales & Renaud Letang)
5. Art Simmons “My funny Valentine” remixed by Jeff Sharel
6. Louis Armstrong “When it’s sleepy time down south” remixed by Pole
7. Art Blakey “The Midget” remixed by Art Kronik
8. Serge Gainsbourg - Alain Goraguer “Les loups dans la bergerie” remixed by Chris Bowden
9. Barney Willen “Ambiance pourpre” remixed by Soy Bean
10. Miles Davis “Ascenceur pour l’échafaud” remixed by Mobile In Motion

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