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Lisa Ono - Essencia

1. Red Blouse (T.Jobim)
2. Essencia (L.Ono/A.Terra)
3. Beijo Partido (T.Horta)
4. Across the Universe (Lennon & McCartney)
5. Travessia (M.Nascimento/F.Brant)
6. Waiting for Angela (T.Horta/F.Purim)
7. Non-Stop to Brazil (L.Bonfa/M.Duby/N.Gimbel)
8. Smile (C.Chaplain/J.Turner/G.Parsons)
9. Me Leva (L.Ono/A.Terra)
10. Afternoons in Thailand (T.Horta)
11. Me Nina (L.Ono/A.Terra)
12. Si A Wa Se (Essencia, Japanese version) (L.Ono/K.Miyazawa)

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